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Personal Checking - Switch Your Account

Switching your account to American Enterprise Bank is as easy as 1-2-3! To get you started, we've provided
an easy-to-use, step-by-step overview of the process.

STEP 1: Open your AEB account.

You can visit any of our convenient locations to get the process started.

STEP 2: Switch your direct deposits and automatic debits.

Once your AEB account is opened, switch your direct deposits and any automatic debits or payments to your
new account. You are always welcome to visit our friendly staff to assist in filling out the forms or answering
any questions you may have.

STEP 3: Close your old account.

Once your direct deposits and/or automatic debits or payments are transferred, you will need to close the
accounts at your previous financial institution(s). Allow any outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to
clear and leave enough money in the accounts to cover the transactions. Once the account(s) are no longer
active, verify all automatic debits and direct deposits are redirected to your new account before closing them.
When you receive your new ATM/debit card and checks from American Enterprise Bank, destroy all checks,
cards and deposit slips from your previous financial institution(s).

That's it! Just three easy steps and you're ready to enjoy the benefits of working
with a locally owned, friendly bank where The Enterprise Is You!

For more information contact your local AEB branch, or click here to contact us via email.

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